The easiest and most successful fundraiser you've ever had!

Would you love to increase fundraiser profits with a product that has a great reputation? Do you want to feel confident that the product your group is selling will delight your supporters?

Take advantage of the popularity of Trail Break Pizza to increase your profits!

Trail Break Frozen Pizza is now available for the home freezer. Enjoy one whenever you want the taste of homemade pizza with all the flavor you enjoy at Trail Break Restaurant in La Valle.

    • Pizzas available in a 12" size

    • Sausage-Sausage/Mushroom-Pepperoni-Supreme-Cheese

    • Cheese Bread

Your fundraising students and team members will be proud to sell a product that is not only delicious, but will also support a local business in their community.

What do you need to do?

On the last day of the sale, collect the order forms we provided. Tally the orders by item and drop them off! We will deliver on a scheduled day, time, and place. That simple! Contact Marsha or Bill at Trail Break for more details and samples.